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  1. Emotional responses are the reactions human have to stimuli that produces emotion in them. The emotion may be expressed in relation to thoughts, feelings or behavior. Such response might include Crying; Grief; Laughter; The term is used in terms of human populations. For animals see animal emotionality. See also Edit. Conditioned emotional responses.
  2. Sep 13,  · Emotional response definition: Your response to an event or to something that is said is your reply or reaction to it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3. An Emotional Response is the reaction of the body to a situation primarily given by an outer influence such as other individuals, groups, things or entities. But the Emotional Response is only one variant of this spectra of emotions. Emotional Responses consist out of two known procedures called „Grief“ and „Stress Reaction“.
  4. Feb 08,  · In emotion focused therapy, emotional responses can be classified into four general categories; adaptive, maladaptive, reactive, and instrumental. Adaptive (Healthy) Emotional Responses: are beneficial emotional responses to life. For example, sadness about a loss, anger in response to violation, and fear of threat all lead to needed change and powerful action.
  5. Their emotional responses will affect their ability to understand the model and will influence their acceptance of it. In our experience, attractive models are much easier for people to understand and accept than ugly models. 2 Attractive models are therefore more useful.
  6. Jun 16,  · Some of the most delicate emotional responses we run into surface when people experience identity issues. A new hire wants to solidify their role. A new team lead wants to redirect the project because of their years of experience. A company goes through rebranding and longtime writers have to find a new voice.
  7. Physical responses: such as jumping back; Verbal reactions: such as yelling, screaming, or gasping; Surprise is another type of emotion that can trigger the fight or flight response. When startled, people may experience a burst of adrenaline that helps prepare the body to either fight or flee.  .
  8. Synonyms for emotional response include sensibility, sensitivity, appreciation, awareness, discernment, insight, intuition, sensitiveness, delicacy and feeling. Find.
  9. The Oxford Dictionaries definition of emotion is "A strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others." Emotions are responses to significant internal and external events. Emotions can be occurrences (e.g., panic) or dispositions (e.g., hostility), and short-lived (e.g., anger) or long-lived (e.g., grief).

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